Sunday, June 24, 2012

The electricity went out at my work. Its funny when these things happen. Everyone stops and for the next couple seconds come to grip their environment without electricity. So the lights are all out, me and the other bussers are lighting candles to place in the dark crevices of the churrascaria and smoke begins to fill the restaurant. You see, the gauchos cook the meat over a charcoal grill and without the fans in the meat-kitchen, the smoke was left unchallenged. Apparently it was going to take 5-6 hours for the blown transformer to undergo proper repairs. I thought for sure we were going to close early.

Turns out we had a generator. The night went on.

Tonight I was feeling a bit down, so I went and bought myself some chocolate soy milk and Double Stuf Oreos (which are vegan!) I'm such a bad ass friend to myself. I know exactly how to cheer my ass up.

Well, I plan on reading the Earthsea saga within the month. I love it so far, its a trip down memory lane. Can't wait to get to the real action though.

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