Monday, June 25, 2012

I sent a short story I wrote in my Fiction Writing class last semester to some magazines. Wish me good luck! If they don't get accepted there, I'm sure I can get it published somewhere else. I hope at least they give me helpful critiques of the story to make it more publishable.

I found a quote from Kierkegaard I liked, so I'll share it: "When I was young, I forgot how to laugh in the cave of Trophonius; when I was older, I opened my eyes and beheld reality, at which I began to laugh, and since then, I have not stopped laughing. I saw that the meaning of life was to secure a livelihood, and that its goal was to attain a high position; that love's rich dream was marriage with an heiress; that friendship's blessing was help in financial difficulties; that wisdom was what the majority assumed it to be; that enthusiasm consisted in making a speech; that it was courage to risk the loss of ten dollars; that kindness consisted in saying, 'You are welcome,' at the dinner table; that piety consisted in going to communion once a year. This I saw, and I laughed."

 Just another day at work. Tomorrow is a day off, so its gonna be reading all day. I'm not messing around. I'm going to try to knock a chunk out of my reading. That and deliver my paycheck to the bank. Maybe even watch a part or two of the Godfather trilogy, which I have been meaning to see for quite some time now.

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