Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sleep: how I detest it in my waking life and crave for its prolonged peace in my sleeping life. I am constantly at odds with myself: wake versus sleep. Dream comes so sweet, and yet the waking life is what matters most. Then again, that is, after all, my waking opinion. 'There is always so much more to do,' I think at 3 in the morning. 'What does today hold for me that sleep and dream can't offer?' begs my tired mind at 11:30, just before the turning of noon. Such is my schedule and such is my plight. My constant internal bickering. The vying of nations at odds. Lincoln said it best, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." So what is a man to do?

Both parties need motivation. Reason to sleep; reason to wake. But I must soul search deep to find such motivations. Such sources of power are not always so obviously displayed. But I am searching and in time, they shall be found. And thus, the thesis and antithesis become synthesis and my soul becomes consolidated.

I did not ask for an easy life, nor shall I be granted one. My first world problems are for me to bear and me alone...

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