Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm gonna go ahead and write this now.

I got the Earthsea Anthology in today and plan on reading it within the month. I'm taking a break from Nicomachean Ethics, because well, because I want to read something fun for a while. This'll be the easy read as the diction is simple and the imagery comes easy.

I took a three hour bike ride. Along the way, I stopped at "la cafeteria para cubano cafe". But it wasn't what I expected at all. I bought a pretty delicious drink "peach and carrot juice." Hmmm. Anyways, in line I couldn't help but notice a certain pair of short shorts on a clothing rack. They were baby blue and on the left thigh, had a logo blatantly ripping off Adidas' logo. And underneath the logo read "Adibos." It made me laugh pretty hard.

I met another one of my neighbors. Her name is Grace and she has an adorable little half-wolf half-shepherd named Bear. He played with Ruby for a bit, nipping at her heels and dancing around her gallantly like puppies do.

It rained again. It rains about every day here. And with rain comes mosquitoes, of course. Awful. Just awful.

I'm about to watch Insomnia, a Christopher Nolan film. Its the only film of his I haven't seen. I heard it wasn't too spectacular, but whatever. I'm sure its at least decent.

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