Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mosquitoes are awful and hellish. I don't know if they are absolutely vital to any particular ecosystem or if it's possible at all, but mosquitoes are one species I think our Earth would benefit from not having. It sounds cold blooded, but I don't think I'd find many who disagree.

Yesterday I watched Ladykillers by the Coen Brothers and I have to say it was the worst Coen film I have seen to date (and I've seen them all besides Intolerable Cruelty [which I heard was equally bad]). Work went well today. Slowly I am building my bussing skills, becoming the greatest in polishing silverware and balancing plates and stacks of food.

One of the servers had an elderly couple from New York. This particular server was also from New York, so this initiated much small talk between them. The couple told him they had been married for 37 years. He was impressed. He was so impressed, he used it as an ice breaker for the rest of his tables that night. He'd tell them, "37 years! Can you believe that? My marriage lasted 12 years before I started thinking I had ulcers. I can't imagine the stress that comes with 37 years!"

I must admit, 37 years with one other person seems pretty insane. Perhaps inhuman. I don't even know what being alive for that long is like, so I how would I begin imagining being with a significant other for that long? 37 trips around the sun...

Sure 37 was a lot, but 50 was more and a lot more impressive. This is how long my grandparents have been together. 50. 50 years. How could anyone stand being with another human being for 50 years? It sounds more like a punishment to me. But, their 50 years probably flew by for them. Time seems to only speed up as you creep along in life.

My grandparents are both good people. People I'm glad I descended from. They are not only good people, but are a shining example of human relationships in a world of scrapped marriages and disengaged, fleeting acquaintanceships. Happy 50th anniversary Poppa and Grandma!


  1. Aww! Imma send this to Grandma.

    Dragonflies, fish, bats and birds eat mosquitoes and their larvae. You don't want to mess with the eco-balance.

  2. Astute observations, grasshopper