Friday, June 15, 2012

I fell asleep around 4 o' clock yesterday morning. My dog woke me up, as per usual. Her name is Ruby.

Ruby is a runt hound dog that has some sort of bizarre trust complex. She shies away from most people and most noises and most other animals. Anyways, I love her. I've had her for about 13 years. She's a bit like a little sister. Or a wolf-child perhaps. Since my stay here, I've let her walk about the little dead end lane in which my dad's home resides. I walk with her to the mangrove path past the dead end that leads to a homely concrete dock. A nice place to sea-gaze and to not think of anything.

I have been watching all the Coen brothers movies. I plan on watching them all this week. I recently saw The Big Lebowski in theaters (not for the first time mind you). The atmosphere was a lot of fun. If you've never seen a cult classic in theaters before, I highly recommend it. Anyways, I just got done watching The Man That Wasn't There starring Billy Bob Thornton. I can't remember him being in anything else I really cared for, but then again I haven't seen most of his movies (including Sling Blade). I don't want to give anything away about the movie, but I will say the story reminded me a bit of The Stranger by Albert Camus, who happens to be my favorite author. This doesn't surprise me much seeing as Ethan Coen has a bachelor's degree in philosophy.

Well, I think writing these entries at the end of the day is good and gives me a sort of closure on the day, but I also don't have much to say as I am tired. Perhaps I'll write tomorrow's entry earlier when I have the vitality to rant and rave about nothing in particular.


  1. I saw Slingblade. I thought it was a good movie.

    1. I definitely need to watch it. And you should watch The Man That Wasn't There. I happened to read some stuff about it and I'm not the only on that has found correlations between it and The Stranger. Many film critics have made this comparison.