Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It is June 13, 2012 and I am in Islamorada, Florida. I am here for the summer (until early August) and I am currently employed at a churrascaria, or a Brazilian steakhouse, as a busser. Each morning my dog Ruby wakes me up (this is around noon), I let her outside, I feed her, I feed me, I deviate (this involves ukulele, reading, and/or blatant unashamed internet meandering), I ride my bike for an hour, I eat, I go to work, I come back home and eat, and end my day doing not too much in particular (mostly internet meandering again).

Today I did these things and I imagine I'll do the same tomorrow. However, while working, I had an idea: it would be bad ass if I had a blog where I documented experiential experiments. The idea itself was to implement something new into my daily life for a month and then document it at the end. How did I feel about it before and how did I feel about it afterward. What was this experience like? Would I plan to continue this activity?

This sounds good, but I also know from my 21 years of living with myself that I am prone to playing the "three day monk," or the monk who launches into monkdom with incredible inspiration and intention, but burns out after three days. So, I usually don't make promises to myself.

But I'd like to see where this takes me. I'll give it a shot and see what comes of it. So, I plan to document my life every day for thirty days minimum. From there, I'll see how I feel and where I want to go.

So I guess this will conclude my first blog. I'm going to watch Die Antwoord music videos for a while, then play ukulele, and then read a bit more of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics and then eventually drift into some sort of early morning slumber.

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