Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So, same shit different day.

Today I got a 20 dollar tip again from the servers. I must be the best busser ever because the busser that trained me told me the servers never tip and I always get tips and compliments from them. They're bout to make me cocky.

After I write this I'm going to wash my dog, then probably meander the fathoms of the Internet, play ukulele, and/or actually try to get some writing done. Today I figured a good way to save up for fun thing for next summer is to sell short stories between now and then. I feel like I could do this. And when school starts up I probably will not want to whatsoever. We'll see what happens.

So yea, next summer. There's a lot of gray area there. But I have speculated what I may do. Now, I don't know what my dear brother has considered, but I may see if he wants to take care of my precious Ruby so that I may have a reprieve from the responsibilities she naturally comes with. If not, no biggie. But if he complies, I would like to see my family in California for a while, see friends out of state, get an internship, attend some festivals, etc. Also, I think I may work next semester, that is if I can find a job. I love the fact I'm in college, but I can't let it get in the way of this paper chase. Doesn't seem wise. Shit's vital.

I really do enjoy working more than being in school. Although, in school I learn 100% more than working in a steakhouse. I'm glad I graduate soon. Further education has always been a consideration, but its something I don't think I'll pursue directly after graduation. I require much more life experience. I require intense and life-altering encounters before I can sell my soul to academics. It is a must.

Anyways, I just hope that next summer I'm not back here. Stagnation is a feeling that comes easy to me. And I absolutely despise stagnation in the most sincere way. It is the yin to my yang.

Well, I'm off to microwave up some veggie dogs and wash my canine. See you tomorrow.

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